At Rapid Spa, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building a relationship with every person who walks through our door, whether or not they become our customer. Our knowledge and experience has become a valuable resource for anyone interested in purchasing a spa, water treatment system, or backyard accessory. It’s important to us that every person that visits our showroom leaves with something, even if it’s as simple as an answer to a question.

A Legacy of Nearly 60 Years of Personalized Service.


Providing quality water conditioning systems to Rapid City area families and businesses has been a dedicated commitment of the Hurd family since 1958, when Lowell Hurd started in the water treatment business. Lowell then passed it onto his son, Bob Hurd. Rapid Spa is now owned and operated by Lowell’s grandson, Chris Hurd. With 3 generations of experience and caring customer service, Rapid Spa was built on a foundation of strong family values.

Rapid Soft Water, our water treatment division, has been providing quality water conditioning systems to Rapid City area families and businesses for nearly 60 years. Since 1958, the company has grown to meet the needs of it’s customers. Rapid Spa began carrying hot tubs over twenty years ago, and continues to find new products that excite and inspire our customers.

At Rapid Spa, we’ve committed ourselves to providing the public with valuable information and education, and our customers with superior service and the highest quality products with the best value for their investment. We provide our team with superior training and a healthy work atmosphere, because we know that there is nothing more important than great customer service.


Rapid Spa’s Purpose

We exist to love and value people by creating a lasting positive impact. We do whatever it takes, and everything we do is based on the following values:

Embody Integrity
We are our word, whole and complete.
Forward Action
Forward Action We listen intently for what makes a difference and create possibility with our speaking.
We are committed to constant expansion of ourselves and others.
Live on Purpose
Lazer focused, Highly intentional, Game changers