Water Care

At Rapid Spa, we believe that the most important part of any home or spa is quality water. We offer our customers full-service water testing to diagnose a variety of water conditions. If we find that your water has a problem, we definitely have the solution. So whether you’re unhappy with your water quality, or are just curious about what you’re putting into your body and onto your skin, a water test is your first step towards having the finest water in the world.

We carry a complete line spa/pool care products and our own brand of Rapid Spa Supplies.
The Ecosmarte Copper System offers:

  • Elevated Spa experience
  • Chemical Free Water (No need to shower after you hot tub!)
  • Extends the life of the Spa cost to service is less
  • Saves $$ each year with no need to Chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly

Contact us to learn more or to request a Complete Water Analysis.

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